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The Adwords Confessions Ebook

Adwords Confessions
Level  Beginner - Intermediate
Subject Area  Affiliate Marketing / Adwords
Cost  $95.00
Support  9/10
Overall Rating  9/10
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Steven Lee Jones has put together a comprehensive program that outlines in detail how he earns at least three figures a day using the Google Adwords program.

This is an extensive ebook that is written very well and is easy to follow. There are lots of screenshots as Steven illustrates his methods and techniques. What makes this ebook of more value is that Steven discusses the actual studies and examples he has conducted himself and reveals all of his statistical information.

He also discusses how to use this information to further refine the techniques and increase the actual profits.

What makes the ebook more complete is that it contains lots of tips regarding small but significant changes that a person can make to advertising campaigns to make them convert better. Some nice little gems are in there. To give more value, Steven has provided a useful list of words that he himself uses in his ads and also gives some basic advice about copywriting.