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The Affiliate Project X Program

Affiliate Project X
Level  Intermediate - Advanced
Subject Area  Affiliate Marketing
Cost  $97.00
Support  9/10
Overall Rating  9/10
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An ebook dedicated to a core set of techniques to help affiliates boost their income. It can be described as the author puts it, "a tool-kit for super-affiliates", a "collection of the most profitable affiliate strategies on the planet".

There was a lot of buzz about this product before it launched, and I was interested in buying it because I realised that its the smarter affiliates who made a lot more money than the average affiliates. Since these were techniques that were giving an edge to the author, I bought this product immediately.

While some of the principles were widely in use much before the emergence of Affiliate Project X, the author Chris, has indeed shared some real valuable strategies.

There are six core methods outlined that cover ways to maximize your affiliate income by investigating what products are selling and implementing methods to either offer better value than other affiliates, or to mimic what successful affiliates are already doing.

There is also an advanced tricks section covering issues such as tracking, copywriting, backend promotions, cloaking and using adwords editors.

This was a refreshing product and certainly benefited the affiliate community. I would not recommend this to people just starting out with affiliate marketing though as it is an intermediate to advanced product.