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Internet Million Dollars

Internet Million Dollars
Level  Beginner
Subject Area  Investing - Internet
Cost  $49.90
Support  2/10
Overall Rating  1/10
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A very misleading product that has very fancy marketing, but very little to offer in terms of real education and instruction. The vast majority of the techniques mentioned have little to do with Internet Marketing and would be a total waste of time for people who are not already skilled in those areas, such as stock investments.

Let's take a look at the contents page:

As you can see this product is nothing short of a scam. To actually put a lot of those techniques into practice you have a lot of expertise from the outset. This is just 80 odd pages full of fluff.

There are around a dozen or so free bonuses which are useless as well but included to make the package appear more value.

Warning - stay away from this product!