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Get Paid To Shop Scams

This is similar to the paid survey scam. In paid survey scams you are asked to pay a fee in order to access a list of companies that pay you to take surveys. In paid to shop scams, you simply pay for a list of companies that pay you to shop at their own stores and to evaluate the experience.

With paid surveys the actual companies that pay people to take surveys have very strict requirements such as age, gender, demographics etc. The chances of you becoming rich are very narrow because you would have to take thousands of surveys per month, and this simply will not happen.

The same is with "get paid to shop" or "mystery shopping" scams. Whilst it is true that many companies will reimburse you for goods you bought at their stores (meaning you get them for free) you will not get rich with them. And you will not be getting hundreds of requests per month to go eating here or shopping there.

In reality, what you will get is a lot of spam in your email account and you will get really sick of it.

If you want to learn how to make money online, it is best to invest in a really good course that teaches you proven and time-tested methods and essential marketing skills. This knowledge is absolutely essential for your success.

As for all these other scams, "data entry", "paid surveys", "mystery shopping" etc., then they are just surrounded with clever marketing and deceptive claims. Avoid them.

Try These Credible Programs

#1 - The Profit Lance Course
Level  Beginner - Intermediate
Subject Area  General Internet Marketing
Cost  $87.00
Support  Excellent/10
Overall Rating  10/10
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The Profit Lance System is a comprehensive course that covers proven money-making methods. If you are a beginner or have some limited experience in marketing online , this is an absolutely essential course. This course provides you with the basics on everything in a easy to follow manner. It also reveals a lot of the hidden information that many of the successful marketers tend not to reveal.

What makes this product far better than the others is that it reall does provide huge amounts of information, and very good information at that. There is a regularly updated article base which covers topics in more depth. You also get a personal dashboard area where you can store important information. There are project tasks that you are asked to do aimed at giving you direct practical experience with some of the secret techniques the course outlines. You also get a whole series of ready hosted websites that are already set up in accordance with the principles in the course itself. In short - the course covers everything you need to know to get to a very good level in the shortest possible time, and it gives you some powerful tools and resources.

#2 - Adwords Confessions
Level  Beginner - Intermediate
Subject Area  Affiliate Marketing / Adwords
Cost  $95.00
Support  9/10
Overall Rating  9/10
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Visit Adwords Confessions Now

Steven Lee Jones has put together a comprehensive program that outlines in detail how he earns at least three figures a day using the Google Adwords program.

This is an extensive ebook that is written very well and is easy to follow. There are lots of screenshots as Steven illustrates his methods and techniques. What makes this ebook of more value is that Steven discusses the actual studies and examples he has conducted himself and reveals all of his statistical information.

#3 - Affiliate Project X
Level  Intermediate - Advanced
Subject Area  Affiliate Marketing
Cost  $97.00
Support  9/10
Overall Rating  9/10
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Visit Affiliate Project X Now

An ebook dedicated to a core set of techniques to help affiliates boost their income. It can be described as the author puts it, "a tool-kit for super-affiliates", a "collection of the most profitable affiliate strategies on the planet".

There was a lot of buzz about this product before it launched, and I was interested in buying it because I realised that its the smarter affiliates who made a lot more money than the average affiliates. Since these were techniques that were giving an edge to the author, I bought this product immediately.

While some of the principles were widely in use much before the emergence of Affiliate Project X, the author Chris, has indeed shared some real valuable strategies.