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The Profit Lance Wealth Course
Level  Beginner - Intermediate
Subject Area  General Internet Marketing
Cost  $87.00
Support  Excellent/10
Overall Rating  10/10
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The Profit Lance System is a comprehensive course that covers proven money-making methods. If you are a beginner or have some limited experience in marketing online, this is an absolutely essential course. This course provides you with the basics on everything in a easy to follow manner. It also reveals a lot of the hidden information that many of the successful marketers tend not to reveal.

What makes this product far better than the others is that it really does provide huge amounts of information, and very good information at that. There is a regularly updated article base which covers topics in more depth. You also get a personal dashboard area where you can store important information. There are project tasks that you are asked to do aimed at giving you direct practical experience with some of the secret techniques the course outlines. You also get a whole series of ready hosted websites that are already set up in accordance with the principles in the course itself. In short - the course covers everything you need to know to get to a very good level in the shortest possible time, and it gives you some powerful tools and resources, saving you from having to spend additional money.

One of the features that we liked most was a complete copywriting course that you get to follow in lessons on a weekly basis. The information in the course is extremely good. Another great plus is that there is an online task managing tool which allows you to organize and monitor your activities. The creators of the product have gone to great lengths to ensure that everything is made easy and are offering the entire course, the online system and additional tools and resources for a mere $87 - which is great value.

These are just some of the features:

  • Basics of affiliate marketing
  • Explanation of how to decipher the clickbank marketplace
  • Important criteria for choosing a product to promote
  • Pay per click strategies
  • Video tutorials on Google Adwords and Yahoo Search
  • Advanced pay per click techniques
  • Introduction to Google Adsense
  • How to create an account
  • Implementing Adsense on your site
  • Adsense strategies and tips
  • Importance of tracking
  • Creating your own info products
  • How to find niche topics
  • How to spy on markets
  • Creating your product quickly and inexpensively
  • Methods for getting traffic to your sites
  • Comprehensive course on writing sales copy
  • Complete course on SEO tactics
  • A growing E-Book download resource library
  • A growing article database
  • Video tutorials on aspects of online marketing
  • 15 Ready made and hosted websites on different subjects
  • Special affiliate product review site
  • Integrated online task management software

We have ranked this as the best product out there because it is not focused on just one particular method or technique but gives good coverage of the most popular and easy ways to make money online. The product also gives tremendous value and members also benefit from ongoing resources, such as articles, newsletters and new ready made websites. This is a strongly recommended product for people who are serious about making money online and want to acquire the relevant skills.

The owners state that the price of $87 is only an introductory one and will shortly increase to the standard price which is well over $100.